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22. Living With Harmony, Music Meditation Therapy

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Guest blog by Living with Harmony

YouTube channel, @LWHmusictherapy where we host Music and Mandalas Meditation twice a week


Meditation is the name given to practices which lead to a quiet ming and access to the liminal space. In this world where there is a richness of available stimulation; the speed of communication, transportation and the amount of entertainment – our minds get very active. Care homes are also places where the the structures value doing ahead of being creating a busy and often noisy environment. this activity can be toxic for all. 


Mandala Art

Co-creating Mandal Art through coloring a template, gives the mind a point of focus. Keeping the fingers busy and eyes open is soothing, allowing thoughts to be released. Mandala art has symmetry and the process of working with it can be engaging. 



In music and Mandalas Meditation, we create gentle, quiet music as a context  for coloring mandalas. Gentle and quiet music because silence can trigger hyper vigilance. A musical context protects from this. The music is also unfamiliar, mostly improvised. This is because triggering memories is not the aim for meditation practice. 


Music and Mandala Meditation

Care homes are places where people are kept frequently without the possibility of being able to leave due to their disabilities. Therefore it seems a moral imperative to create the best quality of life possible for those who live or work in care homes. We are offering these simple to access sessions as our contribution to at least, creating conversations about mental wellbeing in care.


Meta Killick

Alistair Clarkson 

You are welcome to find us on YouTube @LWHmusictherapy where we host Music an Mandalas Meditation twice a week.


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