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This blog will consider aspects of the book. Furthermore, his personal thoughts regarding a multitude of scenarios he lived through.

Sleeping with the Gasman is written for the public. It provides patients with an insight to what happens between their admission to a hospital until discharge. Sleeping with the Gasman is witty and informative. It is a must read book for patients expecting to require a general anaesthetic for a surgical procedure. The blog will also discuss health matters regarding what is good or bad for our health.

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Great insight into the world of a Gasman
"Really enjoyed reading this book. Great insight into the world of a doctor. The book is written with some humour too so it will make you giggle in places. Some great quotes used too to some up chapters I would highly recommend this book for everyone not just doctors and nhs workers but patients too."
Narinder Purewal
"The book was recommended by a nurse friend. It's a simply and easy read. As the front suggests there is a lot of humour in it. I feel maybe NHS and hospital related staff would enjoy this book. It was a bonus there was no mention of covid. I can't understand why he substituted the word Gasman through out the book. I really liked all the quotations. Margaret"