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15.The Greatest Ever Experiment on Mankind

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If you tell a lie often enough,

people will believe it,

and you will come to believe it yourself.

Joseph Goebbels 

In the mid 1990s the concept of evidence based medicine hit the shores of Britain. The idea was to ensure practice must be based on sound scientific principles. This created the concept of consensual medicine. Everyone seemed to be managing patients similarly. There was plenty of evidence for a certain medical or scientific principle, however, the question, “What is the evidence against the principle?” was met with aghast, “How dare you even ask!!”. Where did individual thinking disappear to?

During WWII the worst atrocities were not committed by the soldiers. These were committed by doctors with their endless experiments in concentration camps. They were just following orders they said. No, these were crimes against humanity.

There comes a point where a man must refuse to answer to his leader if he is also to answer to his conscience.

Ann Tusa 

In the aftermath of WWII the Nuremberg Code was founded. The Nuremberg Code is one of the most influential and ethical documents in the history of clinical research. Please continue to refer to these principles as you read this blog.

The ten principles are listed below;

1    Voluntary consent is essential.

2    The results of any experiment must be for the good of society.

3    Human experiments must be based on previous animal experiments.

4    Experiments must be conducted by avoiding physical, mental suffering and injury.

5    No experiment should be conducted if it is believed to cause death or disability.

6    The risks should never exceed the benefits.

7    Adequate facilities should be used to control subjects.

8    Experiments should only be conducted by qualified scientists.

9    Subjects should be able to exit their participation at any time.

10  The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury,     disability, or death is likely to occur.

 Propaganda works best when those being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their own free will.

Joseph Goebbels

The Wuhan Flu came along and spread like a worldwide bush fire. Did it really? This was a virus that was said to be easily transmissible, yet in general terms was not particularly virulent. Was it even easily transmissible? Wuhan flu was a bioweapon. 

Covid 19 was created in a Wuhan laboratory  Funding for the gain of function research came from Dr Fauci, a sub-director at the USA National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Gain of function research essentially increases virus virulence, transmissibility, host range, immune evasion and thereby possible resistance to drugs and vaccines. Fauci predicted sometime in advance that there would be a pandemic in the relatively near future. I wished following his statement whether I could have borrowed his crystal ball, it might saved me from a major road traffic accident.

The test that was used to diagnose the virus was the PCR (polymerase chain reaction). The PCR test could easily have been diagnosing the Common Cold or the Flu. Interestingly there seemed to be few flu related deaths during the “pandemic”.

The PCR test was developed by Kary Mullis, a Nobel Prize winning laureate. There are claims on both sides as to whether he had said or otherwise regarding the diagnostic validity of the test for COVID 19. Kary Mullis mysteriously died in 2019. 

There was one certainty, the initial tests were performed at forty-cycles. That made the test diagnostically oversensitive for COVID. In such cases, the conclusion can only be that many more people were diagnosed as positive than really might have been the case. When the cycle rate was dropped to 28cycles the rate of positive diagnosis was much lower. There are so many apparently eminent scientists around the world but they continued to use 40cycles. Can the population at large take these characters seriously any longer? Personally, I gave up with many of them some years ago. I looked at the journals I once read and saw mostly printed, second rate junk. Many contributors and others were already in the pockets of the large pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

Where the determination is,

a way can be found.

George S Clason

What happened next? Jabs (I cannot concord with the view these injections were vaccines) were quickly presented to all countries as long as each government gave the pharmaceutical companies indemnity from prosecution. In fear or otherwise governments did this very quickly.

The mainstream media had already jumped onto the Covid bandwagon. This motley crew were writing cheap stories that created both fear and hype. This was propaganda.

Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.

It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion.

Joseph  Goebbels

(Both Quotes)

Apart from scrambling to load nationals with the jabs, governments instituted three other measures.

Firstly, came the surgical mask. Evidence ZERO! It clearly says on the manufacturers box that these masks do not prevent viral transmission. Why should they? The size of a virus is minuscule compared to that of the pores of the mask. Having worn such a mask for ten-twelve hours a day, sometimes longer, they become uncomfortable. Wearers reduce their oxygen intake and decrease carbon dioxide removal. There is also the probability of rebreathing exhaled germs. Overall, a crap response. The whole idea is particularly poor for the elderly and those with chest problems. Some staff in health professions and others are still wearing at the beginning of 2023.

Secondly, distancing. Evidence ZERO!

Thirdly, lockdowns at home. Evidence ZERO The main effects of such abhorrent ideas resulted in increased domestic violence, child abuse, depression and alcohol abuse. So many small businesses were bankrupted by this ridiculous measure. Many of these plans were the suggestions of Chief Medical Officers around the world. They were protecting themselves too. They shared the people’s fear. Should they have not have known better.

It is said power corrupts, but actually it is more true to say power attracts the corruptible.
The sane are usually attracted by things other than power.

David Brin 

The fear had been created and people reacted in thinking that these measures were necessary to save themselves.

I do believe that the Deep State, New World Order were particularly responsible for the “lockdowns”. People would have been stuck in their homes for several years. There would a point when people exasperated with life would easily have submitted to the NWO  Great Reset.

It was all planned, sometimes called a “plandemic” or  “scamdemic”.

We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough have a chance of it being correct.
My own feeling is that it is not crazy enough.

Niels Bohr

Finally, the jabs arrived. There was a sigh of relief amongst populations. The we’re going to get the jab to save themselves from a near death experience or even death itself. After all, it was a “vaccine”so they would only need one shot they were told. Then it became two. Then three. Subsequently we began to learn that the vast majority of people testing positive for Covid were those that had been fully inoculated or claimed to be especially  in the American government.

Recently Janine Small, a senior executive at Pfizer was questioned by MEP Rob Roos in the European Parliament. In her testimony she stated, “The company did not know whether the jab prevented transmission of the virus”. The same company wanted their information to be locked away for 75yrs. A judge ordered them to release the information. Even now the information is being released in dribs and drabs. Why did all these events occur? The latter asks, what have they to hide?

It is inconceivable that anyone could say 

we tried to hide anything.

William J Clinton

Two of the jabs altered the genetic material of the cell. The response to which was a spike protein. This may have contributed to the production of antibodies against the virus. It remains uncertain what type of antibodies are produced. The spike protein was known to bind to cells. More importantly binding to cells it disrupted the lining of blood vessels in the body and the blood brain barrier. The latter is a selective lining between the blood and the brain. It prevents unnecessary molecules from entering into the fluid around the nervous system lest they cause harm.

The jabs were rushed through the system without proper research and clinical trials. In the USA the Centre for Disease Control and the and the Food and Drug Administration were complicit. Why? They both receive funds from external organisations. Knowing that no proper research had been done with the jabs they allowed the go ahead for them to be used under the guise of “emergency use”. No research was done on the safety and efficacy of these drugs. Bill Gates has his tentacles deep into both these organisations.

It cost governments billions upon billions to buy them. Who really paid? The taxpayer, you and me. The beneficiaries were the big pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders. It is a story about human greed.

Greed is a bottomless pit which 

exhausts the person in an endless need

to satisfy the need 

without ever reaching satisfaction,

Erich Fromm

 Canada has 32million unused doses in its warehouses. I dread to consider about Britain and other countries. People are simply refusing to take these things now that the truth is emerging.

There were much cheaper alternatives available. The basic treatment was vitamins C and D in conjunction with zinc. Further Valuable drugs were Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The former a drug used for deworming animals was laughed at. It had an impeccable safety record. Drugs used to tranquilize animals for example Ketamine are still used in anaesthetic practice. Hydroxychloroquine used for and prevention of malaria also has an impeccable safety record. These were the basis for the late Doctor Zalenko’s therapy. His regime saved thousands. The overall cost, pennies. President Trump alluded to the use of hydroxychloroquine. He was laughed out of town. A state in India used Doctor Zalenko’s regime with great success and no casualties. So many health professionals chose to remain stuck with the jab. They were threatened with losing their license to practice.

The happiness of credulity 

is a cheap and dangerous quality.

George Bernard Shaw

Did the jabs prove to be safe? NO! The potentially affected adversely every organ in the human body. Heart attacks from the very young to the elderly. Inflammation of the heart muscle and its lining. Severe, incapacitating nervous system damage. Blood clots. The jabs accelerate cancer. They main even cause cancer. It is clear that male and female sterility are affected. Abortions and premature infant deaths. There is an investigation ongoing in Glasgow regarding an abnormally high rate of premature infant deaths. I could go on but there are several texts on the market explaining many of these outcomes. Further information about jab related complications can be found on government websites. The numbers have probably been underestimated.

First do no harm.


In my life I have seen two professional footballers collapse on the field of play. Since the jabbing began, circa 270 professional athletes have died in the USA. All had been jabbed. Yet people continue to queue for their endless boosters. On the Georgia Guidestones was a message,  “The human population must  remain under 500,000,000 and be in perpetual balance with nature”. With the number of jab related deaths worldwide, one has to ask whether the injections were a method of population control? Bill Gates, a member of the World Economic Forum advocated the jab. Is he a doctor? No. However, he did invent the computer virus. Then he created a program to protect computer infestation. He is also heavily invested in big pharmaceutical companies. No conflict interest there? It seems that all that matters to him is money. Apparently he is a philanthropist too. One of principles as part of Great Reset is population reduction.

Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.

Benjamin Franklin

I analogise this debacle to the four horsemen of the apocalypse (Revelation 6 : 1 – 8).

The white horse, a conqueror with a bow and crown. This equates to masks. The earliest method by which governments began to control the masses.

The red horse, with a great sword symbolising war and great bloodshed. This symbolises the lockdowns. People worldwide protested against this vile action. At times the police were brutal with demonstrators. Some died. Concentration camps were created in the antipodes for those that refused to comply. When did this last happen? WWII. The world as brothers in arms said, “Never again”. The powers that be have short memories. People in China had their front doors boarded to prevent an exit. They would have inevitably died. How many? We will never know.

The black horse carries a balance scale. This representing great famine. People had to be six feet apart when visiting a supermarket or other shop. Only a limited number of people were allowed into stores. People were threatened prohibition of entry into food stores if they had not been jabbed or were not wearing a mask. Jab passports were suggested to ensure compliance. The elderly were most affected. How many small businesses closed? How many people lost their jobs? Quite a number will still be on the breadline.

The pale horse represents death. What was in the jabs that contributed to mortality? How many people have died after being jabbed? Big pharmaceutical companies and governments are responsible for the fatalities for rushing through inadequately researched drugs.

I hope and pray that one day very soon Nuremberg 2.0 happens. It is necessary.

I return to the first paragraph. If we are so keen on evidence based practice why did doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff stick their arms out for an untried drug? Why were chief executives insisting on such practice? Why did the government enforce it?

How many principles of the Nuremberg code were contravened? You decide for yourselves.

I followed the science. I found nothing. Then I followed the money. All became apparent.

God gave us two arms, one for the jab, the other for the flu injection. God also provided a brain so we could think logically. There is a new pandemic occurring. The pandemic of the vaccinated.

This was indeed the greatest ever experiment on mankind.


Don”t let yourself be regimented, by dogma,by uniforms, by doctrines, don’t let yourself be fooled by those who command you, by those who promise, by those who promise, by those who want to replace one master with another, don’t be a flock of sheep, for heaven’s sake, don’t hide under the umbrella of other people’s guilt, think with your own brains, remember each of you is somebody, a valuable individual, a responsible, his own maker, defend your being, the kernel of freedom, freedom is a duty, a duty even more than right.

Oriana Fallaci

Thank you for reading this blog.

Sleeping with the gasman


Kindest regards 

Jazz Pal-Kerr

The easiest method of discovering more information is look at Rumble. Type in the search facility “Covid 19”. A lot of valuable information is there.

Two important events;

The World Council for Health and the Global Covid Summit.

From a non medic? 

Why are healthy young people dying? 

Ed Dowd 

Valuable information from prominent physicians includes the following;

Dr Ryan Cole

Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Mike Yeadon

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Dr James Thorp 




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