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9. You’re Just a Woman

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Good girls go to heaven,

bad girls go everywhere.

Mae West 

In contemporary times it seems that some people are offended when someone looks at them in passing on a street. Sometimes a headline can be misleading. It is therefore imperative that the whole post is read before passing judgment.

Don’t crap where you eat.

Bill Ward

Many moons ago after I had graduated and commenced my first position in a surgical unit. I was working in a large city with several hospitals. Initially it did not occur to me to consider the demographics of the senior surgical staff. At that time in a city of that size there were two female senior surgeons. A third joined the duo at a later time. On further consideration it seemed ridiculous.

There was one cute observation made by myself that usually left a big smile on face. Well I was only in my mid-twenties, it was impossible for a male to have matured by that age. At educational meetings the male surgeons were identically dressed. Their “uniform “ was grey slacks, navy blue blazers with silvery buttons and a light blue shirt. They all wore the same university tie, which was the local institution where they had graduated. The two female surgeons wore exactly the same replacing the slacks with a skirt. They may as well have dressed in slacks and tie too. Both were quite butch. Definitely had high male hormone levels. I often wondered whether they shaved in the mornings? What about their armpits, chest or legs even? One day when giving a presentation very early on during my time there, I looked up  and all I could see were hospital porters sitting in front of me. The porters had exactly the same uniform just a different coloured tie. That was my presentation buggered! 

Meanwhile there were plenty of women with a career in anaesthesia. The female consultant anaesthetists were ironically often married to surgeons. Anaesthesia was regarded very much a woman’s preoccupation despite there being many men in the speciality too. They would be sitting by anaesthetic machine slowly getting sozzled by the effects of the magic gas.

Anaesthesia offered better hours than surgery. That in itself may have been the incentive. The better hours and more structured career all allowed the female to be a homemaker and bearer of children. It always seemed to conclude at this very point. Someone needed to be the house slave while the bloke went golfing. The few women involved with surgery would probably have struggled to honour their domestic chores and work What was very worrying about this attitude is that, didn’t males ever participate in household duties? Were these tasks below their manliness? Perhaps their ego couldn’t cope with  being associated with a woman more successful than them. Maybe they had seen the film The Missionary once too often and didn’t like lying back with the woman on top.

As recently as the 1980s women despite having the equivalent education as men, if not better were still regarded as second class citizens. Women had always been underestimated for their capabilities, strength and intelligence. Their talent had been overlooked and wasted.

The rise of females wanting gender equality probably began in 1848.

Life’s a bitch,

You’ve got to go out and kick ass.

Maya Angelou 

Hundreds of women had gathered at the Seneca Falls Convention to shout that equality should be the norm. It is hard to imagine how women were treated prior to that.

The life of Florence Nightingale circumscribed 1848. Nightingale was the daughter of a wealthy family. At the time females from rich families did not follow a career in nursing. Nursing was deemed below their social status in society. Her contribution to the management of sick people, infection control and hygiene probably remains incomparable. Nightingale received many awards for her dedication.
At the age of thirty-eight she became bed ridden. She helped establish the Nurse Training School at St Thomas hospital. This was her contribution to social reform. Once the school was established, no longer was it taboo for daughters of rich families to pursue a career in nursing.

The first British female MP, Agnes Macphail entered the House of Commons on 1929.

A woman’s place is

any place she

wants to be …… I want

for myself what I

want for every

woman —- absolute


        Agnes Macphail

In Canada women were not even recognised as persons. Yet I would be confident that those women, just like men had two eyes, two arms and two legs. They did have boobs, then fat blokes have moobs. There is not much difference. Yes, women have a smaller willie than the male grape. However, the embryological roots are the same.

The Supreme Court of Canada rejected the feminists their right to be regarded as persons (ignorant comedians, make Zelensky appear to be a real comedian!). As Canada at the time was part of the British Empire, the case was reviewed by the Privy Council. The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada was overturned.

Exclusion of 

women from all 

offices is a relic of days more 

barbarous than 


British Privy Council

With the doom of WWII impending, men were enlisting into the military. This caused major shortages in munitions factories and heavy industries. Women slotted in to contribute to the war effort.  The female effort surely made them feel used and abused after the war when the labour shortages declined. Women became house slaves once more. Perhaps equal to being pimped by some bum without getting any financial rewards themselves. Imagine lying on your back all day and / or night with fat blokes exercising their loins for two minutes a shot. What? No lunch break? No chance! Sounds like the healthcare system in the UK without the rough and tumble.

The battle continued. Women at times do make life difficult for themselves too. Refusing to walk through a door opened by a gentleman. Perpetually letting the male pick up the tab in bars and restaurants. Expecting the man to go to the bar  where does it end?

In 1975 the women in Iceland went on strike. They wanted equality with men. They left their jobs. They left their homes. It didn’t take long for the men to recognise they just couldn’t cope. Life changed positively for women very quickly. 

In recent years society has been overrun by political correctness and woke do gooders. These people are beginning to erode the hard won rights that women have earned after centuries of conflict. Political correctness and the woke brigade are plagues on contemporary society.

Go woke, go broke.

Donald J Trump

The woke behaviour of companies is costing them dearly. The two obvious examples are Disney and Netflix.

Political correctness has displaced common decency. It seems doubtful whether many of the PC brigade even know anything about the origins of political correctness. If I mentioned Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao and Hitler would that help? How many millions did they kill between them? It is a mechanism by which dissenting voices have to keep their mouths shut. If they don’t it becomes a case of up against the wall and bop, bop, bop!!

What are the PC brigade doing to set back the rights of women? The Olympics began many a millennia ago in Greek times. It has always been female versus female event and likewise for men. What went wrong?

Men now identifying themselves as females are allowed to enter female events  The post pubertal male has both a different bone and muscle structure than females. In this context they are likely to win most races against women whilst they have no chance in a male competition.

This viscous cycle begins with one man identifying as a female. Perhaps the following week there are two. So it continues until there are no women competing in female races. The remaining competitors are all males  self identifying as females. No normal human being could possibly accept this at all. Indeed in the United States there has already been a significant outcry about this ridiculous scenario. Female competitors are beginning to get their voices heard too.

Who allowed this situation to prevail? The organising committees who decide which competitors are eligible for the many female events. There was once the joke that female eastern block shot-put competitors looked more like men than many men themselves. The organising committees have allowed this to come to fruition.

Why? These weak minded committee members are far to politically correct to prevent men competing in female sports. Perhaps they can’t tell the difference between a grape and a camel toe? More likely they don’t want to “cause offence” to the male competitors. Are they really that weak and stupid? It seems so.

Considering this situation, it would be of interest to know where these characters get changed. In the changing room with a thrill or the male changing room?

There has been a story circulating (I cannot recall the source), a young girl visits the ladies bathroom. She is followed in by an adult. The adult molests her. She returns to her father and tells him what had happened. As the molester exits, he is challenged by the father, the reply was that he identifies as a female. The father punches him in the mouth knocks several teeth out and tells him, he identifies as the tooth fairy!

Men and women should not be sharing bathroom facilities out with the home environment. Enough said!

One final point, how long before one of these characters tries to compete in the Paralympics? It will happen unless this nonsense is stopped.

This facade is setting women’s hard fought rights over a century back into oblivion.  Does anyone out there seriously want this to happen?  I don’t.

What should be done about these situations?
Your thoughts would be welcome.

Today you are you!

That is truer than true!

There is no one alive that is youer than you!

Dr Seuss


I think women are foolish to

they are equal to men.

They are far superior and always

have been. Whatever you give a

woman, she will make it greater. If

you give her sperm, she will give

you a baby. If you give her a house,

she will give you a home. If you

give her groceries, she will give

you a meal. If you give her a smile, she

will give you her her heart. She multiplies

and enlarges what is given to her.

So, if you give her any crap, be

ready to receive a ton of shit.

William Golding  


Sleeping with the Gasman 


Thank you for reading this post.

Kindest regards

Jazz Pal-Kerr


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