What a Life

14.Fear and Joy

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Do not be


our fate

cannot be

taken from us,

it is a gift.

Dante Alighieri



One Day…..One Day…..One Day…..

One day, I met an elderly woman sobbing, 

One day, I saw a very worried husband,

One day, she said she wanted the cancer out of her,

One day, she said she was terrified of being put to sleep,

One day, she sobbed on my shoulder,

One day, her husband held us both,

One day, I held them both with compassion.


One day, a trembling woman came to me,

One day, she looked too frightened to stand,

One day, I lifted her on to the theatre trolley,

One day, she grabbed me around the neck,

One day, she looked at me for more reassurance,

One day, the drugs were gently squeezed in,

One day, I held her hand firmly with compassion.


One day, the woman’s operation had finished,

One day, the woman held my hand tightly,

One day, the woman smiled at me,

One day, I saw her husband,

One day, I told him to go home, have a nip and sleep.

One day, I held him with compassion.


One day, I was given a good bottle of Scotch by them,

One day, the security tag was on the bottle,

One day, the husband winked at me and smiled,

One day, the woman laughed profusely,

One day, I waved them goodbye,

One day, they smiled at me with compassion. 

One Day…..One Day…..One Day…..

Jazz Pal-Kerr

Based on excerpts from Sleeping with the Gasman.



today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Dale Carnegie 


Sleeping with the Gasman 



Thank you for reading this post.

Kindest regards 

Jazz Pal-Kerr 






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