One Day…..One Day…..One Day…..

Do not be afraid, our fate cannot be taken from us, it is a gift. Dante Alighieri     One Day…..One Day…..One Day….. One day, I met an elderly woman sobbing,  One day, I saw a very worried husband, One day, she said she wanted the cancer out of her, One day, she said she […]

The Greatest Ever Experiment on Mankind

  If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will come to believe it yourself. Joseph Goebbels  In the mid 1990s the concept of evidence based medicine hit the shores of Britain. The idea was to ensure practice must be based on sound scientific principles. This created the concept of […]

So You Like Your Fizzy Drinks?

This blog is by no means a comprehensive discussion about the problems associated with fizzy drinks. It is merely an insight which will hopefully encourage readers to go and learn more with their own research.   I don’t worry about chemicals. There are enough chemicals entering my body through all the  fizzy drinks I consume to […]