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4. What is a Gasoose?

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 Picture Jonny on the floor in the company 

of the lovely Tracy Tyttefieder (no, you work

out the pronunciation) having trouble with his

pipe. The problem is that he can’t get it out –  

and eventually the lady has to resort to a

hacksaw to finish it off.

Jonathon May (Confessions of a Gasman)

In the good old days junior trainees were often treated like a private in the army. As higher grade jobs were found their rank improved. As their rank improved they were afforded more respect by the cranky old grey geezers. That usually implied don’t disturb the boss at night. If there is any research or literature written, their name must be amongst the authors despite no contribution.

The bosses (sounded very mafioso, it was true  at times) were ranked at least half colonel or full colonel. They often treated the theatre environment very much like an army boot camp.  They were accustomed to letting rip with their mouths. These old guys ensured we were given a very high standard of training. Such training naturally encompassed versatility in practice. The old’uns would not accept any under par practice or nonsense. Once they had bawled about any anomaly in our practice the same mistake was never repeated. None of us ever replied back. Of course we would have a laugh at their expense in our coffee room. They probably had more than an inkling about what we were saying about them. Today the snowflakes would call it bullying. We referred to it as character building.

The word “Oose” in archaic Scottish word meaning fluff. It was adopted into Sleeping with the Gasman with good reason reason. For a moment imagine being a trainee who is doing well on a particular day. The boss would speak in a low happy tone. The fluff would quiver as if in a light breeze.

When the huffing and puffing started just like the wolf in the story of the Three Little Pigs, we would be blown away down the corridor. In the corner somewhere would be an Operating Department Practitioner quietly having a giggle.

The word “Oose” is used in a similar context in the quote below;

“Oose culpable for this ‘ere load of rubbish”

he’d bellow and some previously cocksure 

young turk would quickly be reduced to

stuttering and stammering like Hugh Grant

on a public speaking course.

Sugar’s the Business – Alan Sugar


Hence the explanation for Gasoose is ………

GAS   +    OOSE         =      GASOOSE 

There you go ladies and gentlemen, that is the origin of the word and title gasoose for an anaesthetist.

When people make mistakes,

the last thing they need is discipline.

It’s time for encouragement and 

confidence building.

The job at this point is to restore


I think “piling on when someone is down is one

of the worst things any of us can do.

Jack Welch 

I was simply wrong as were my old bosses.

One time I tried to join a gang.

Turns out it was just a bunch of ducks 

standing around smoking 

and not the dangerous geese I was seeking.

Jarod Kintz


Sleeping with the Gasman 



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Jazz Pal-Kerr 





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